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Our Professional Grooming Salon and Spa offers a full range of services for your dog. From Express Grooming to Full Service Grooms, spa treatments, nails trims, teeth brushing to hand stripping and Asian Fusion trims our staff is equipped to meet all your dog's needs. Our stylist provide a consultation prior to each groom to find out about your preferred groom. We also access your pet's skin and coat so we can formulate a shampoo and conditioning treatment that will address their needs. We use the finest quality natural shampoos and conditioning treatments and can custom blend a spa treatment. Our caring and knowledgable staff has over 30 years of combined experience and are here to provide you and your pet the best experience possible. 

Full Service Groom


  • Hydro Massage Spa Bath

  • All Natural Premium Shampoo

  • Conditioning Treatment

  • Hand Blow Dry

  • Ear plucking / Cleaning

  • Glands Expressed

  • Nail Trim / Grinding

  • Breed Specific Haircut or Charming Mutt Cutt
    with Scissor Finish

  • Bandana

Spa Baths


  • All Natural Premium Shampoo

  • Conditioning Treatment

  • Hand Blow Dry

  • Brush Out

  • Ear Plucking / Cleaning

  • Glands Expressed

  • Nail Trim / Grinding

  • Add a trim up (face, feet & fanny) for $10 extra

Express Groom

Our Express Groom is perfect for elderly dogs or dogs with medical issues. We prioritize your pet and schedule her in first thing in the morning and get your pet done within 2 hours. A additional fee of $20 is added to the normal price of the groom.  

Spa Treatments

Keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy and beautiful is our passion. We offer a complete line of therapeutic services addressing various skin and coat issues including hot spots, dry flakey skin, allergic reactions, greasy crusty skin or feet, thickened skin, seborrhea, and hair loss. 

Other Services

  • DeShed Treatment

  • Nail Trim

  • Flea baths

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